Tesla advertises itself. See what it represents in 2018

Tesla has just published an advertising video on a global network in which it proudly presents its achievements to date, as well as the products that will be sold in the coming years. Undoubtedly, the company has had many successes and its products related to the world of renewable energy sources have changed for the better the daily lives of hundreds of thousands of people around the planet.

Despite the fact that the company managed by Elon Musk for some time has been under fire of customers and investors, due to problems in the production of Model 3, Tesla is something more than a small and fully electric car for the masses.

Every day, solar panels and energy warehouses built from PowerPacks produce electricity and protect homes, hospitals and public utility buildings from failures and problems related to the lack of electricity supply.

The S and X models significantly reduce the emission of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere by smog melting, vibrant cities, and this will soon be extended to road transport with a fully electric truck called Semi.


Also, fans of sports, luxury, and super-fast cars will be able to buy a new Roadster, which is supposed to be the best accelerating sports car in the world. It will be possible to buy it for ridiculous money, of course, for this type of vehicle. See the advertisement and see for yourself what Tesla has to offer and what it will do to improve the world.