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How to know if your computer or mobile phone is affected by serious security vulnerability

security vulnerability

Google security experts found in June 2017 a combination of vulnerabilities in the way that several modern microprocessor models manage the data they handle. A simple summary is that they allow almost any element of the machine to access the …

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Apple could merge iOS and macOS in 2018, The goal is that there is only one app store for all devices


Now developers create two different versions of each application, one for iOS and one for macOS. MacOS has some of the best applications for Apple devices, but they are few and often outdated; while iOS keeps a library full of …

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The Xbox One X is already on sale: Best sites to buy the Xbox One X online

Xbox One X

The Xbox One X is already on sale: Best sites to buy the Xbox One X online Microsoft has taken a step forward in the section of video games this year with respect to Sony. Yesterday we could see the …

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Microsoft Terminates Kinect Device- MobiTechinfo

Kinect Device

Microsoft Terminates Kinect Device Microsoft has ended its Kinect device control camera by shutting it down, and the motion sensor and voice recognition of the Xbox One console and Windows operating system will disappear from the store shelves as soon …

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How to format Windows 10 with the Easiest way

format Windows 10

How to format Windows 10 In this Article, you will learn “how to format Windows 10“, but first of all, you should know the History. Microsoft is a company that was founded by businessman Bill Gates and his partner Paul …

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Microsoft Edge: Microsoft starts testing Microsoft Edge on Android and iOS

Microsoft Edge

Microsoft starts testing Microsoft Edge As you were told that there is a report that Microsoft plans to release Microsoft Edge on the Android and iOS platforms after it released the browser for the first time with Windows 10. Apparently, …

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Microsoft acquires AltspaceVR network after funding outages


AltspaceVR Microsoft has taken over the virtual social network AltspaceVR after the company failed to enter the social networking field. What does Engadget say? According to Engadget, the original home of the news technology, the network will be the same …

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