Valuable tips on advertiser-friendly online content to earn more

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Internet is an ocean of opportunities, and it has the potential to earn you millions and billions with the help of advertisement on your website/blog/channel, etc. However, the advertisements cannot be posted anywhere; the advertisers look for good content. Something that relates to their advertised product or something that is very popular on the internet. … Read more

The Top 7 Online Branding Techniques

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New business owners, especially small local business owners do not have the luxury to spare thousands of dollars over marketing and advertising.  So, whether it is your own company or you are helping a client, targeting the local audience is no easy feat without the implementation of effective online branding techniques.  Before you dive into … Read more

Mark Zuckerberg admits that Facebook made errors in the data leak

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After more than four days since the leak of 50 million user data from Facebook was revealed to the British consultancy Cambridge Analytica and unleashed a political storm around the lack of privacy of the platform, the head of the social network, Mark Zuckerberg, broke his silence and admitted that mistakes were made that allowed … Read more