Snooze, the new Facebook function to silence friends

A new feature reaches the social media site Facebook. This one has the name of Snooze and offers the possibility of silencing the friends and, even, to the groups in which one is -without having to stop following them-. And, all this, for a certain time. A good option that allows optimizing the use of the creation of Mark Zuckerberg.


The new possibility is now deployed in the social network once the trial period has ended, where it has been proven that its operation is adequate, and, therefore, the decision has been made to allow all users if they have an account on Facebook. An excellent detail is that it is not necessary to stop the following someone to enjoy Snooze, so it allows not to have active news of contacts temporarily -which can be up to pages- and, thus, not lose track definitively.

Facebook’s new feature Snooze

By the way, as reported from the social network itself, when the time for which has stopped following someone with Snooze, which is a period of thirty days, is ending is received a warning that this is happening. Thus, if desired, it is possible to renew the execution of the function or, simply, to return to normality. By the way, this is achieved without problems with friends or groups, as there is no notice to them.

Snooze provides more control to the user

The truth is that the new function, among other things, allows this because now if you have a problem with a contact or you are dealing with a topic that you do not want to have information about (the content of a season of a series, for example). By being able to use Snooze, there is an ideal tool to better manage the feed of notifications and notices that are seen when accessing the social network.

Benefits of Facebook‘s new feature Snooze

This movement is also good for Facebook itself since on the one hand, it allows users not to disconnect permanently from each other, which is positive when it comes to making the necessary calculations to establish recommended advertising and topics of interest. But, on the other hand, there is also an important step to give more tools to the user, which comes to refute the comments that lately some managers of Facebook perform with respect to the company. An example is Chamath Palihapitiya (former vice president of the firm), who not long ago indicated that the company’s way of proceeding “is tearing apart the social fabric”.

In short, the arrival of Snooze is a good step because it aims to be really useful and, therefore, to use it now that it is implemented globally is positive. Everything that is more control by the user in their profiles, that for that the data is yours, is welcome.

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