Rachel Clarke: Prof Hawking cared so much about protecting our NHS from private hands, he decided to take Hunt to the high court

As we probably know that many people believe in the theories of Stephen Hawking.

In order to those theories, we have to read them carefully. As we published a final theory of Stephen Hawking “Origin of the universe”.

For the true lover of Stephen Hawking, we published an article on “how Stephen Hawking’s voice work”.

One of the followers of Caroline Lucas commented as:

This should be on all the front pages, but sadly we have godawful media. Here’s hoping they win this case and that these plans from NHSE, the STPs, the 5YFV call all be debated in public and in parliament before big changes get forced thru

Another reply appeared:


I’ve noticed an incredible amount of positive noises coming from television programmes about the NHS. I think everyone except the Tories wants to protect this very important institution.


There are many replies:

Let’s all keep our fingers crossed for this, if the CONservatives continue with their plans they will destroy OUR NHS!


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