PlayStation 5 would be the first console to carry Ryzen CPU

There are indications that the next PlayStation 5 will carry an AMD Ryzen processor in its bowels. As we read in Phoronix, Simon Pilgrim, the main programmer of the Advanced Technology Group of Sony, is working to modify the compiler stack LLVM (Low-Level Virtual Machine) to improve compatibility with the Zen architecture on which Ryzen processors are based. That compiler is part of the development environment of the PlayStation consoles.

The current PlayStation 4 is based on a single AMD chip that contains eight “Jaguar” processing cores and 1 152 Radeon graphics cores. The Pro variant has graphic and processing improvements to handle 4K and HDR capabilities, and this is true since 2016. For developers, the good thing about this is that they are components that share the same base as those of the computers where they work. . Both Sony and Microsoft have gone through the hands of AMD to develop their current consoles. The fact that Sony is considering doing the same for its new console is nothing new.


AMD spent four years developing the Zen architecture to improve performance per watt so that they were able to match their processors to Intel without negatively impacting the price. The first family of Ryzen arrived throughout 2017, and this year it has reinforced its presence in the market with the second generation. Pilgrim has been working for some time on the first-generation Zen architecture, which is under the “znver1” nomenclature in the LLVM compiler. This information can be found on the Github page where you have made changes and improvements during the last two weeks.

Despite the references to the first-generation architecture in Pilgrim’s work, it is possible that the programmer is developing an update that is compatible with the evolution of Zen that shapes the recent Ryzen processors. According to AMD, the third generation of Ryzen processors will arrive in 2019 and will be manufactured according to the Zen 2 architecture. In this way, since Sony must focus on a specific hardware for its PlayStation 5 , it is possible that the console is left without knowing this architecture. Now we can not stop our heads from going away. With the PlayStation 4 Pro so recent, we doubt that Sony says anything about the fifth, but if Sony itself recognizes that the console has little left …