OnePlus 5T also has a face unlock feature. But better than the iPhone X

OnePlus has chosen a little special marketing strategy. A popular Chinese brand that has been attracting fans all over the world for their premium smartphones at enticing prices. It has just introduced the OnePlus 5T with interesting features. Only half a year after the premiere of the predecessor.

Source OnePlus

In June of this year, OnePlus 5, the fifth generation of a popular mobile phone, came to light. Full power, dual camera, and ceramic body. But it is the year 2017, and who does not have the screen across the front surface, it is not in. OnePlus 5 has a classic display and the main button with a fingerprint reader beneath it. OnePlus, therefore, decided to quickly renovate. It’s not just a small facelift.

The new OnePlus 5T is already equipped with a 6-inch AMOLED display with a resolution of 2,160 x 1,080. This is a full-HD 2: 1 aspect ratio. And, of course, it covers more than 80 percent of the entire mobile area. The minimum frames are only a millimeter larger than the 5.5-inch precursor. Weight grew by nine grams to 162 grams.

Internal parameters remained unchanged. This means the Snapdragon 835 and either 6 GB of operating memory with 64 GB of internal storage. Or 8 GB of RAM and double internal memory. Likewise, without a hardware change, there is also a dual camera. Primary has a resolution of 16 Mpix and f / 1.7, secondary with a resolution of 20 Mpix already but also the same aperture. But it has the same focal length, which is odd. OnePlus 5 has a secondary telephoto lens. The manufacturer relies on electronic and not optical stabilization – just for the primary camera. The front 16 Mpix camera has f / 2.0.

Otherwise, nothing is missing. Not even Bluetooth 5.0, nor a 3.5 mm jack connector and even waterproofing. Battery capacity is still 3,300 mAh.

However, due to the new display, we will find one more change. The fingerprint reader has moved to the back side. Fortunately in the middle. OnePlus added one more thing – Face Unlock. Yes, like the iPhone X, this smartphone can also be unlocked by face scanning. Surprisingly, according to the first experience of foreign reviewers, Face Unlock works more reliably and faster than a new iPhone. Just take a short look at the screen and you are on the home screen. No further gesture is needed.

OnePlus 5T also runs on OxygenOS, a modified version of Android. OxygenOS features are refined based on user feedback from around the world. These can be classified as “gaming mode“, where if gaming is all the notifications from social networks and other applications running in the background off and much more.

The last surprise is the price. Model 6/64 costs 499 euros, higher 8/128 OnePlus 5T for 559 euros. On the one hand, it is a very attractive prize for such a flagship. On the other hand, it’s just as much as how much OnePlus 5 has been sold in June. What makes the manufacturer quite annoyed? They bought a smartphone, which after just a few months is as expensive as it is, but on many pages, it has an improved version. And their “old” mobile phone was instantly lost on price. It will be interesting to see how customers will stand up to this extraordinary generational reward.