Nikkei says Nintendo Switch Mini will be launched in the middle of this year along with a new microtransactions service

First, the newspaper states that Nintendo is manufacturing a smaller and cheaper model, nicknamed Nintendo Switch Mini, and which it presumes will lack certain features available in the current model. They point out that it will be easier to produce and that it will significantly expand the installed base of consoles.

The Journal has also reported on a new type of Service, which they compare to Nintendo Switch Online, which they say will attract video game fans and is scheduled for mid-2019.

This service appears to be aimed at people who pay large sums of money for microtransactions.


Although it is a serious and respected medium that has been successful in many of its statements in the past, it would not be the first time Nintendo has to deny the wrong or decontextualized statements of the financial newspaper Nikkei, so we will have to wait for official sources to verify this information.

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