No plans to bring the Netflix app to the Nintendo Switch

Netflix seems not to be destined to land on Nintendo Switch despite, in October, a series of rumors indicated the arrival of an application created ad hoc in early 2018.

The news, which will generate some discussion, comes directly from Twitter and precisely from the customer service of the well-known service. In fact, a user asked when Netflix would arrive on Nintendo Switch and unfortunately, the answer left very little hope :

At the moment there are no plans to bring Netflix Switch.

It’s definitely not “never” but a Netflix application does not seem to be coming to the Nintendo console. It’s a real shame as Switch’s hybrid nature and the size of its screen are ideal for exploiting Netflix anywhere and especially at any time.


The popular service, which allows its users to access streaming to a vast catalog of movies, TV series, children’s content and documentaries, is also available on virtually any device and console: so only Switch is missing.

Remaining in terms of hybrid console, we report that recently appeared on the market a particular and brilliant switch controller that encloses the historical pads of the Kyoto house in a single device.

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