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Download Navbar Application to customize the navigation bar in Android

Download Navbar Application to customize the navigation bar in Android

In general, when it comes to customizing the phone, we find that the Android system is the most customizable of any other system. Regardless of the default customization tools that come preinstalled with the phone, there is a set of applications which are explicitly hundreds and one of them is the Navbar application.

With these applications, the Android user can customize his phone as he sees fit. With us today, one of these applications is the Navbar application, which enables the user to customize the navigation bar, without the need for routine privileges.

You can easily replace the default navigation bar with a specific color, replace it with images, or even select a picture and place it in the navigation bar, with the ribbon customized for each application. In other words, when you open an application, All this is pre-set by the user.

The application Navbar application does not carry with Huawei phones because it does not support the EMUI interface, finally, the application is available free and complete from Google Play Store, to download it, go to its page from here.

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