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NASA’s chief astronaut says “the first person on Mars should be a woman”

A Senior Nasa engineer says that the first person on Mars should be a woman.

Allison McIntyre, a senior Nasa engineer says that all twelve people who walked on the Moon were Men.

Says declares that women should be the first person who walks on the Mars.

According to BBC News, She manages a huge astronaut training center at Johnson Space Center.

In an interview, she says “I love it. They’re going to have to take me out of here kicking and screaming when it’s time for me to do something else”.

BBC further reports that she has been working at NASA for 30 years.


“My center director is a woman, my former division chief is a woman, we have female astronauts, but we haven’t put a woman on the Moon yet, and I think the first person on Mars should be a woman” she added.



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