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The mineral composition of the plateau of Aristarchus, a crater that is on the visible side of the Moon. (NASA Scientific Visualization Studio SEARCH GALLERIES)

NASA shows the moon like never seen before

A walk through different places – previously chosen by a group of NASA researchers – that illustrate the variety of characteristics of the lunar surface. This is nothing new. In 2011, NASA launched a five-minute animation that takes viewers on a virtual tour of the field.

Now, six years later, the team has managed to recreate the same tour using the same camera path, but with a higher resolution. The Tour of the Moon 4K Redux is the high-resolution video tour they have managed to create from the space agency thanks to the images and data obtained by the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (LRO) mission probe and processed by NASA’s Scientific Visualization Studio. Many of the places will be recognized by professionals and amateurs from Earth. However, some materials have been added that are only visible from space.

High-resolution images

In addition, the visit includes several of the places where the Apollo missions landed, which have been photographed at resolutions of up to 25 centimeters per pixel. The high resolution offers much more spectacular images than the 2011 video.

Thanks to the amount of data obtained in these six years, the NASA team has incorporated “from the mineral composition of the Aristarchus Plateau, the evidence of agua in the form of ice near the South Pole or the mapping of gravity in and around the Eastern Basin,” as the agency said in a statement.

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