Splatoon 2 producer Mr Nogami shares his 5 favourite things about Octo Expansion

If you’re one of the players of Splatoon 2 then you already know Mr. Nogami, the producer of Splatoon 2.

It is fact that when someone plays any game he/she wants to know who developed this game or what kind of activities his favorite game developer do.

You’re a play of Splatoon 2 so you should know about Mr Nogami’s 5 favorite things about Octo Expansion.

On twitter he shared his 5 favorite things about Octo Expansion:

  • Over 80 challenges
  • a new story
  • Music
  • play as an Octoling
  • replay value


I’m leaving here his complete video, watch and know more about his favorite things about Octo Expansion