Top 15 most expensive car brands in the world 2017

One more year, the North American consultant Interbrand has published an annual report with the list of the 100 most expensive car brands and important companies in the world. In 2017, for the fifth consecutive time, Apple is positioned leader with a value of 184,154 million dollars. In this ranking, we also find a dozen car companies, headed by Toyota, which again is positioned as the most expensive car brand in the sector.

Located in the seventh position of the general classification, the Japanese firm has a value of 50.291 million dollars, that is, 6% less than in 2016.

This reduction has lowered two positions compared to the previous year. Nearby is Mercedes-Benz, which has grown 10% reaching 47,829 million dollars.

The third place on the podium in the category of car brands is for BMW, with 41,521 million, approximately the same as last year.

The great news of this report is Ferrari’s debut in the ranking. The prestigious Italian firm has entered the list occupying the 88th general place (14th if we only count the companies in its sector). It has done ahead of Tesla, which maintains its value, ranking 98 out of the 100 available (This car has taken two places).

The car brand that has increased its value most in the last year has been Mercedes-Benz (10%), the second to improve it has been Land Rover, which has increased its figure by 7 %, to reach 6,095 million euros. This has allowed that brand to move from position 78 to 73 in the general classification.

The only car brand that has lost value, as we have said before, has been Toyota. Despite this, Toyota has maintained its lead. If we compare the ranking of 2017 with the previous one, the positions are almost traced.

It is only worth noting the new Ferrari landing and the advance of a position that Nissan has made to Volkswagen. You can see the classification below:


List of Most Expensive car Brands in the World 2017

1. Toyota: 50.291 million dollars (7th in the general ranking)

2. Mercedes-Benz: 47,829 million dollars (9th)

3. BMW: 41.521 million dollars (13th)

4. Honda: 22,696 million dollars (20th)

5. Ford: 13,643 million dollars (33rd)

6. Hyundai: 13,193 million dollars (35th)

7. Audi: 12,023 million dollars (38th)

8. Nissan: 11,534 million dollars (39th)

9. Volkswagen: 11,522 million dollars (40th)

10. Porsche: 10.129 million dollars (48th)

11. Kia: 6.681 million dollars (69th)

12. Land Rover: 6.095 million euros (73rd)

13. MINI: 5.114 million dollars (87th)

14. Ferrari: 4.876 million dollars (88th)

15. Tesla: 4.009 million dollars (98th)