Minecraft: a parallel world of 74 million active monthly players

Minecraft continues to grow disproportionately, so much so that it reached a new record last month, with 74 million active monthly users. The news has been released by Helen Chiang, the new head of the game who has been overseeing many contents for Minecraft for three years.

During a telephone conversation with Chelsea Hassler of PopSugar, Chiang discussed his new role and revealed interesting details about the platform, declaring:

Recently, precisely last December, we set a new record for the number of monthly active users, reaching 74 million. And it’s a testimony of the people who come back to play, both through the latest updates and for new players from all over the world. Our only real goal is to continue to build the community we have.


The arrival of Chiang comes at an extremely favorable moment for Minecraft, the game is, in fact, reaching its historical highs, with 144 million copies sold on more than a dozen platforms, and the number of players in continuous growth.

Much of its success comes from Microsoft’s platforms, such as Windows and Xbox, however, even Nintendo has not managed to escape the phenomenon, and with the Switch version, the game has managed to climb the rankings throughout Japan, significantly increasing its popularity rate.

Under Chiang’s leadership, Microsoft expects its franchise to continue to reach new goals.