Milky Way galaxy definition

Milky Way galaxy definition

The Milky Way is a conglomerate of planets, stars and space material joined by a kind of spiral symmetry, with a center where heat attracts all its components in a constant fluctuation of gravity. The Milky Way is what is known as a galaxy, which is an enormous array of stars and cosmic gases with a particular shape. It is the Milky Way, the galaxy that contains the solar system in which the earth is, in the company of 8 planets with their respective moons and a sun around which they rotate in an elliptical trajectory.

The observations made by Galileo Galilei in his time a thousand years later, when through a telescope built by him, I observe bright formations of lights (stars) in curves, this brightness was curious and made notes in which it refers to that row of stars and cosmic gas as the Milky Way corroborating theories of Democritus.

How big is the milky way

The measurement of the Milky Way is inaccurate, however, it is believed that an end-to-end measurement of the Milky Way could take up to 100,000 light years, equivalent to one trillion kilometers. Being of the “Barrada Spiral” type, the Milky Way contains approximately 400 to 500 million solar systems, which are arranged throughout the galaxy.


The Milky Way galaxy to be studied is classified in the following way: Halo, a shiny cover of gas arranged from and around the arms. Disk, forming structure and more symmetry in the arms of the spiral with stars and dark material, Bulb, is the center of the galaxy, in it is the largest accumulation of stars and according to studies, black holes. The empirical studies around the universe have determined that it is infinite, so it is clear that the Milky Way is not the only galaxy, even thanks to technology have been discovered and observed conjuncts of stars and neighboring planets, as is the case of the Andromeda galaxy.



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