Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge: Microsoft starts testing Microsoft Edge on Android and iOS

Microsoft starts testing Microsoft Edge

As you were told that there is a report that Microsoft plans to release Microsoft Edge on the Android and iOS platforms after it released the browser for the first time with Windows 10. Apparently, these rumors were true because Microsoft began testing MS Edge today For mobile devices with Windows Insider participating testers.

What will Microsoft Edge do?

According to report MS Edge for Android and iOS will be able to drive pages from your computer to your smartphone, so you can continue browsing on multiple devices. MS Edge will also be able to synchronize your favorites list, browsing history, and reading lists with mobile devices knowing that you can remove links, ads, and unorganized formatting from an article and focus only on text.

Will Microsoft Edge be the same as Google Chrome?

Unfortunately, Microsoft will not allow you to sync tabs as you can now with Google Chrome, but only for now, so Microsoft is likely to add this feature in the future.

As you probably know, MS Edge has some features on Windows 10 compared to other browsers like Google Chrome and Firefox.

The new Microsoft browser looks clean, works quickly with HTML5 content, and is more efficient in consuming processor and memory resources, making it ideal for notebooks, where battery life is important. It’s also catching up with browser extensions.

In addition, the Microsoft Edge browser is designed to work smoothly on laptops.

If you want to test the Microsoft Edge browser on your smartphone, all you have to do is join the Windows Insider program, which you can do for free.


What’s your opinion about this Ms. Edge?

what changes will be made in Google chrome?


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