light fall

Light Fall will be available on Nintendo Switch on April 26

Here we get news related to one of the indies perhaps more awaited at the moment by the users of Nintendo Switch. It’s about Light Fall.

After an approximate window of launch, which placed it in March, we have finally been able to know its specific launch date: the game will be available for download in the eShop of the hybrid console on April 26, 2018. Its official price will be of 14,99 $ and can be preloaded in the American eShop from April 19, ie tomorrow.

We remember that this platform adventure takes players to the forgotten world of Number, where they will have to dominate their surroundings by manipulating the Shadow Core, a magic box used to propel them into the air. In addition, in Speedrun mode, players can compete with their friends or even with the fastest players in the world to place them in the online leaderboards.


We leave you with its launch trailer and with the trailer for the Nintendo Switch version below:

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