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Jobs that are In-Demand for 2021 College Graduates

You might wonder what your next step should be after successfully gaining a degree. Most of us opt to enter the workforce in the corporate world, but what you need to do first is to figure out the entry-level job that could be ideal for you. 

It is important to pick a field that will make upskilling possible and allow you to aim for ideal higher positions. I should consider external input from my friends and family to work towards what’s best for me. A career coach can also help you since they have the knowledge and expertise to guide you toward the most promising fields.

We now filled the job market with unique and interesting new jobs that were non-existent a few years back. This is because the job market has undergone a drastic change in the past couple of decades, especially in the IT industry. This is because it covers a large per cent of the top jobs in the United States today and is in fact expected to grow even more in the coming decade.

Some industries show colossal growth and promise for future jobs, although other industries are likely to show a gradual decline in employment. Hence making the right decision for choosing a career path is important. 

It can be an overwhelming task to decide. Luckily, we can easily determine which industries and jobs have promising prospects using the studies and reports that have been done. Considering the reports and consulting official labour statistics, we have listed some most in-demand jobs for 2021. The list includes entry-level jobs in different fields that fresh graduates who do not have prior experience can apply.

  1. Software developers

Because of rapid technological advancements, we have many new jobs for tech experts that did not exist a decade ago. As the world moves closer toward a tech-friendly lifestyle, I projected jobs in the programming and coding area to grow.

According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, software development is one of the fastest-growing professions in the tech industry, with 22% projected growth.

The duties of software developers include analysis of users’ needs and designing applications to fit those needs. Software developers are also responsible for testing the applications to see if they meet the goals once they have outlined the model of the application and highlighted the core requirements to the programmers who create the software.

The qualifications required are at least a Bachelor’s degree in software engineering, computer science, or another related field. The annual median pay for software developers is $107,510.

  1. Registered Nurse 

Those medical professionals are critical to our whole human existence is clear by the current global health crisis. Having some of the most currently in-demand skills and entry-level jobs in the field are healthcare workers. 

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. I project the demand for registered nursing positions to grow at a high average rate of 7%, especially with the growing demand for eldercare.

The duties of registered nurses include providing hands-on care and monitoring crucial for patients’ treatment and recovery. They should assess, observe and record a patient’s condition and medical history.

They must also ensure that the patient receives effective and treatment. We expect a nurse to administer such treatments and medicine and also operate medical equipment when needed.

The qualifications required are an Associate’s or Bachelor’s degree in nursing or a diploma from an approved nursing program. Registered nurses must get a license from their respective states like most medical professions. We can issue once it they have passed the National Council Licensure Examination. It estimates the annual median pay for a registered nurse at $73,300.

  1. Financial Analysts

Given the current turbulent economic climate, businesses need to make wise financial decisions more so than usual. For the success of any business, the input of a financial analyst who analyzes and monitors the financial activity has always been crucial. 

The duties of a financial analyst include guiding individuals and businesses for financial decisions. They must help their clients make wise investments after analyzing their financial history and activity. A financial analyst must provide expert advice for the best possible budgetary approach after studying the current financial trend and examining their client’s financial situation.

To apply for a financial analyst position, you must have at least a Bachelor’s degree. The most desirable degrees for this position are in fields like finance, mathematics, accounting, statistics, and economics. 

An average financial analyst earns an annual median pay of $81,590.

  1. Construction Managers

Infrastructural development is something that is projected to keep increasing in the coming decade. Increasing constructional activity means there will be more demand for construction managers to oversee these construction projects.

In 2019-2029 the employment for construction managers is said to grow by 8%, as forecasted by the U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics. Graduates who are passionate about construction but do not possess the job skills or resources for more concentrated and hands-on construction jobs will find this field perfect.

The duties of construction managers or also known as general contractors or project managers, include supervising, budgeting, planning, and coordinating construction projects. They have to oversee the whole construction from start to finish by working closely with the architects, engineers, and trade workers.

To ensure the project is moving ahead according to the clients’ demands, construction managers communicate plans to other professionals involved in the project and coordinate their activities.

The qualification required is a Bachelor’s degree in construction-related fields. And also you have to undergo short on-the-job training. Sometimes, even if you have a high-school diploma and years of experience. You have a chance of getting hired for this position. The annual median pay for construction managers is $95,260.

To wrap up, the in-demand jobs list can always fluctuate according to human activity and economic breakthroughs. Many of us might even miss the paradigm shifts in the job markets while still in college. What might have seemed attractive before graduation could turn into a non-existent market by the time we apply. Keeping these perpetual risks aside, the only advice any career expert would give you would be on the lines of finding a workplace that resonates with your interests and strengths. So, keep that optimism brewing and watch out for the best of what the market offers. 

Online tutoring services offer a flexible and comfortable learning atmosphere where every student can thrive. There is plenty of well-paying and unique job opportunities and extreme flexibility in your career path.  If you’re interested in hearing more or would like to set up a tutoring consultation.                                                                         

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