James Howells threw 7500 Bitcoin in the trash because of his girlfriend

James Howells threw 7500 BitCoin in the trash and stopped the mining process because they annoyed his girlfriend

A British man named James Howells works as an IT engineer who entered in the field of Bitcoin very early. He started in 2009 in the mining process and reached 7,500 Bitcoin in 2013, which did not amount to $ 1,000, but stopped mining because the sound of the computer engine was bothering his girlfriend.

The engineer stopped the mining process and dismantled the computer and sold it as individual pieces but kept the hard disk containing 7500 BitCoin With it for a long time before throwing the Hard Disk in the garbage by mistake while working to move to a new home.

After the shocking rise in the price of the Bitcoin, James began to return and search for the hard drive until he learned that he was buried in a landfill, which he thought of digging to get him out, But there are some problems that will face such as environmental consequences such as toxic gases, the cost of drilling and workers, and whether hard drive will work if found or not?




7500 Bitcoin now, having exceeded the price of $128625000, It means that he lost more than $ 100 million.

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If you are in his place, will you be free and search for the hard drive or not?


Note: if you find any mistake in this calculation, so you can comment us we shall surely correct.