iPhone X Face ID
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Apple iPhone X Face ID can be broken and it has been proved

Apple iPhone X Face ID can be broken and it has been proved

Have you bought iPhone X? have you used the iPhone X Face ID Security System?

Finally, it has been proved by the Vietnamese company Bkav Corporation that iPhone X Face ID security system can be broken Easily.

Earlier, at the presentation of the identification system, it did not work in the hands of Apple Vice President Craig Federighi

What did Vietnamese company Bkav do?

Developed in the field of cybersecurity, Vietnamese company Bkav Corporation tested the capabilities of the Smartphone iPhone X Face ID.

The testers decided to verify the truthfulness of the statement by Apple Vice President Phil Schiller that Face ID is able to distinguish a human face from a mask, thanks to artificial intelligence.

Schiller said that during the testing of the system, special masks and make-up of Hollywood make-up artists were used to recreate the most realistic faces for training the recognition system. And these efforts did not lead to failure – the system was recognized only by the person, the owner of the smartphone.

In order to deceive the system, it took a silicone nose, two-dimensional eyes, a 3-D skeleton of a person’s face mask, whose face was loaded into the smartphone system. The video shows that the system instantly identifies the mask and removes the system lock.

“Thus, 10 years of research development was not enough to create a reliable security system for Smartphones and laptops. In 2008, our company proved for the first time that this system is not the most reliable for the protection of electronic devices, the company’s website says, where the video-exposure of Face ID inefficiency is posted.

Don’t forget that a few days earlier an engineer was fired from Apple Company, the reason was that his daughter uploaded an iPhone X video on youtube.

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