Instagram users

Instagram Users: Facebook-based image sharing service Users reach 800M

Instagram Users

Instagram Users: The Facebook-based image sharing service Instagram, which is owned by Facebook, said on Monday its 800 million monthly active users, including 500 million people, are using the site on a daily basis.

The new figures indicate that 100 million users have joined in the period from last April to September, and certainly these new figures will boost the growth of users of Al-Stories, which reached more than 250 million users during the month of June.

It is noteworthy that Instagram is seeking to launch a new update from Chana that works to play the sound of video automatically, this feature will be put to everyone during the next stage, “As for the possibility of using now when passing video in Instagram automatically hidden sound, with the possibility of listening To the audio clicking on the video, each time the operation is done.

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