In the canceled Star Wars: Battlefront 4, heroes and villains changed places

On Imgur published a set of concept art Canceled Star Wars: Battlefront 4, created by the artist’s studio Free Radical Design in 2007. Then I used for most of the companies working on the Star Wars: Battlefront 3, but LucasArts so liked their achievements that they want to see another part of the multiplayer shooter is on this team. So began the preproduction of the new game.

Unfortunately, due to the change in LucasArts management in 2008, the company decided to abandon the almost finished Battlefront 3 and is in the early stages of production of Battlefront 4. Today we can take a look at what was seen by the fourth part of its developers.\


Star Wars Battlefront 4 was supposed to tell a completely different story in the universe of “Star Wars”. And what if it were completely different? The characters you saw in episodes I-VI radically changed. For example, Obi-Wan Kenobi became the ruler of the Sith, and Anakin did not lose his limb on Mustafar. And then he also killed Yoda in a duel on Naboo.

Along with this, Battlefront 4 was expected to have the most massive battles in the history of the series. During the match, most of the planet was available for exploration, which caused the total number of players to increase to an incredible amount. This was to become truly the most ambitious game based on the “Star Wars”