Einstein ring
Einstein ring in SDSS J0146-0929. Source: ESA / Hubble & NASA

“Hubble” discovered the Einstein ring in the cluster of SDSS galaxies J0146-0929

This image shows a lot of galaxies. The sharpest eye can even here define elegant elliptical galaxies and exciting spiral ones. All of them are in different configurations and orientations, are turned towards us both by an edge and by their plane. Intermediate positions are also visible.

This cluster is named SDSS J0146-0929 and represents a huge collection of hundreds of galaxies held together by a powerful gravitational force. The mass of this group is large enough to distort space-time around itself, creating strange, twisted curves that surround the center of the cluster.


These elegant arcs are an example of a cosmic phenomenon known as the Einstein ring. Such a ring is formed when the light of distant background objects, such as individual galaxies, passes through an extremely massive object, like the SDSS cluster J0146-0929. It is in this image that we observe how light from the background galaxy deviates and distorts around a large cluster, it is forced to move to the side of the Earth along many paths, which makes it seem to us that this galaxy is in several places at once.

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