how to know who visited my facebook profile not in friends list

How to see who viewed your Facebook profile

You have always been curious to know who visited my facebook profile today., Do you know why??

Yes! do you know?

You think it is for feeding your ego and recognizing if the person you like looks for the way to observe your photos and be aware of the publications you do every day or if someone cares about you.

The truth of the matter is that Facebook is a social media site that helps us to stay united with many people regardless of distance. We can interact through Messenger, we can share images, label our friends, find people who have a lot of time without knowing them, let our social circle know what music we are listening to and more.

But come on, you are not going to deny that one or another opportunity you have gotten yourself into the Facebook Wall of someone you like.

To see your publications from the day you joined that social network, just to know more about his life.

Of course, you have! I think we’ve all done it once in our life. In fact, it is common to hear friends say that they investigated the life of the ex’s new girlfriend, just to see if she is more beautiful, or what she does, if she studies or works, in order to understand why he/she left her/him.

The ex-wants to know if he still goes out with the same girl, if he has a new one, if he is still as handsome, or if he is fatter or thinner. The same men, even if they do not believe it, men also search the faces of their Ex, their friends, and co-workers.


The difference is that men will never admit that they do something like this because they are like gossips, but they do. Of course, then we are curious to know, will we be the target of somebody’s gossip? Will there be anyone out there reviewing my profile frequently?

There are many blogs that offer invaluable ways to know who visits your profile, but the truth is that not all are effective; in fact, sometimes they offer suggestions that in fact have neither foot nor head, and what they do is that the user is wasting his time.

who visited my facebook profile apps

Just as there are some applications that let you know who viewed your Facebook profile , let me tell you that there are also pirated or misleading advertising applications that offer you the same benefit but can not actually do so, but rather are hung on the network for stealing your personal username and password to hack your Facebook.

For this reason, it is important that you remain stealthy in the face of these offers since you could lose your Facebook account where you store photos for a long time, and information that should only be your competition, and to share with your friends, loved ones, and people you trust.

These applications that claim to be able to inquire who viewed your Facebook profile, disguise themselves under the facade of being able to give the information in seconds with the private data of your account. They say they will do an analysis on the page, and many people sadly fall without malice.

The truth is that when they try to enter your profile from your account, then you can not because your data and your account have already been stolen. Many people do this to be able to get followers from a particular account or participate in a particular contest (Yes, there is the contest hunting), or simply for leisure.

This is why you should not share your personal information with everyone; even with no application that tells you that it will help you get the information you need, since it is totally false, and you may regret later if you give your information.

Is it possible to see who is stalking your Facebook profile?

who visited my facebook profile

Regretting it very much, and although it is not the answer that the users want to obtain, the answer to this question is NO. The creators and administrators of the social network called Facebook are strictly prohibited from sharing this information.

And unlike some games or applications that can be hacked, this information cannot be; as it is a violation of the privacy of users, and can generate problems or legal charges quite delicate. So if you’re letting yourself be seduced by an application that promises you will, you better open your eyes and understand that they just want to deceive you.

There will be thousands and thousands of applications offering you to know the names of the friends that pass on your profile, but it is a lie, it is totally false, and they do it only with the intention of obtaining your personal data; so it is best to be alert and do not let yourself be cheated.

I have already installed some applications to know who viewed your Facebook profile

So simple, if you had already believed in some of these “miraculous” applications, what you must do is to RUN to eliminate them because they probably already have access to all your personal information. Do not feel sad, just like your many people, or many Facebook users, have been fooled by these phantom apps.

But as everything has a solution in this life, this too. What you should do is go to the settings in your Facebook account, look for the “applications” option and find the application that you gave permission to enter your personal information to see who viewed your Facebook profile.

The moment you open the application, then select the option to remove the permissions and thus block that application so you do not have access to your Wall, personal information, and your Activity Log, which, although it seems silly too is very important.

Likewise, it is not a bad idea to always check your profile settings, to see that you have not accessed any of these applications, or have not given permission to any of these applications, because sometimes without realizing it, we give accept any window that appears to us when we are in this Social Network.

There are paid applications to know who viewed your Facebook profile

There are many applications that provide the service to know who viewed your facebook profile. There are so many, that there would not be a page of this blog to tell them, but, although it is not what you want to read, none actually works. All those applications that offer you the names of those who viewed your Facebook profile, just want to defraud you.

Just as there are applications that are only in the search for your personal data, and you get your personal information, with the magic offer that you can know who looked at your profile, well, much faster there are those who tell you if you can do it with a minimum cost.

After they have the information of your credit card and your private data, then they will have already taken out the amount of money they required, although that does not ensure that they will only debit what they say, because already having your data can to clone your cards.

Definitely give the personal details of your credit card, not a good idea. Not only with this type of applications, but with any type of application that offers you a fantastic solution to things you can not usually do on your own.

One thing is to make purchases from the internet, and another very different is to offer in such a simple way the data of your credit card. So let’s stimulate malice and cunning a bit and let’s not get ripped off in that simple way.

Can anyone see that I visited his/her profile?

who viewed my facebook profile

It’s a good question, and I think that after all, we’ve talked about before you can have the answer. Obviously, in the same way, that you can not see who viewed your Facebook profile, no one can verify that you were visiting his profile.

No matter how many applications they pay, or how many free applications they download, or how many sorcerers, sorcerers, hackers or voodoos get, there is no way anyone can identify you by visiting your profile. Unless clear, do not be prudent and you get an “I like” or some other reaction to some old photo of the person you are stalking.

You are already aware that it is IMPOSSIBLE to know who knows your Facebook profile ; so the best thing you can do is to avoid believing in those magical applications that offer to be able to do it, and to designate to understand that you are the secret love of someone, but that you can not know through this way, and that the best thing is to wait for that lover or secret lover in love with courage and declare.

In short, Facebook is a Social Network that was born to connect people through distance, and it is best to enjoy the publications that our friends share, without worrying about who viewed your facebook profile or not but on our website, we have warned you about the fakes applications to know who visits your Wall on Facebook.


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