How To Create A Real-Time Online Chatting Mobile App

The way Apple introduced an unmatched level of smartness in mobile phone manufacturing; WhatsApp too has spread the awareness that a person can have a real-time conversation with the other through an app. There was a time when you used to send a single text and wait for your friend to reply you back. You remained unsure whether he has received the text or it just got lost somewhere in between due to poor signals.

However, now with the help of WhatsApp, you not only can send multiple messages at a time but can attach files and share pictures. You can even view the double tick thing to be sure if he has viewed or if the message has been delivered. There is so much more than this. You can even chat through video calls and messages as well.

·        The Interface

The first aspect of a great app is to make a seamless interface. You need to make sure that your interface is interactive and appealing. It should be fresh and engaging. The graphics and layout must be less crowded. Moreover, you have to add aspects that can encourage your users and keep them involved.

·        The Features

Secondly, you have to offer your users a bundle of features. From multiple font styles to options to group chat and conference, call where they can add more than one friend and enjoy talking. You have to add the video call option as well along with voice recording. Any features that can help a user get close to his friend or family must be there in your app.

·        Privacy Policies

As users will more likely to get involved in holding personal conversations, you have to make sure that privacy is properly encrypted. You must not leave a single loophole in protecting safeguarding the privacy of your users. You have to use advanced technology to protect the app. Your user’s credentials and information must be a safeguard in every way possible. To create an app like WhatsApp these aspects must be fulfilled.

·        Minimalist Approach

You may want to add more colors in your app with a bit of animation. But as many features, you add the speed gets affected. So, make sure to create an app is as minimalist as possible. Its frameworks should be engaging and captivating. It should have a proper structure and flow. It should not be too crowded with multiple options. Each section must be divided with relatable options in this way your app remains clean and interactive.

·        Personalization

Among the many mobile app development trends, personalization is the one, which has managed to sneak into the list for years. Each year there are new brands setting up examples of how personalization has shaped their revenues generation for good.

So, you have to use that feature here as well to make sure that the app remains trendy and indulging for the active users. You can add enticing backgrounds and themes that can give a more personalized feel to the user. It helps to establish a strong emotional bond with the user.

Wrap Up

App development can become much simpler only if you have created a proper strategy that revolves around a particular goal and purpose. We need to carry out brief market research that can entice your users. You have to take a look at how your competitors and what you can do to bring improvement in the growth and accelerate profitability. Just hire the best android development company which can make an astonishing app for you.

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