How Has The 4G Revolution Changed The Smartphone Industry?

As per data, the number of smartphone users in the world has surpassed 3 billion. Improvement in technology, enhanced smartphone features, and especially the advanced 4G mobile network can be accredited to the steep hike in the number of smartphone users. In 2019, the 4G network emerged as a revolutionary technology globally and accounted for more than 4 billion connections, i.e., 52% of total connections in the world.

Collectively, it became a significant facilitator of economic growth and drew increased private-sector spending in infrastructure and R&D in India as well. Further, with the increasing popularity of the 4G network, several handset manufacturers launched 4G-enabled devices in their budget smartphone segments. For instance, Oppo phones under 15000 were among the first 4G enabled handsets to be introduced in India.

To gain a better idea about how the 4G revolution shaped the smartphone industry, one needs to become familiar with its benefits in general.

Impact of 4G-enabled network and communications

The following pointers offer some valuable insight into the overall impact of 4G –

  • 4G communication technologies helped to fill up gaps in the 3G network. It made communication more flexible, efficient, and secure.
  • 4G network delivers higher bandwidth and also has a huge network capacity alongside reduced latency.
  • The access rate of wireless data per GB has reduced to a great extent. In turn, making mobile data cheaper.
  • It facilitated a dynamic shift within the mobile ecosystem by accelerating the transition from a voice-centric industry into a data-centric industry.

4G and smartphone industry

The growth and popularity of the 4G network increased the demand for 4G VoLTE enabled smartphones in the country. Initially, smartphones in a moderately affordable segment were quick to implement this innovation to entice internet-savvy users.

Subsequently, smartphones with prices as low as Rs.2,999 started to roll out with 4G connections, making as much as 95% of smartphones in India 4G-enabled. Resultantly, Oppo mobile 4G models and similar 4G-enabled devices in the low-budget phone segment became possible.

Nevertheless, with the 5G network slowly gaining pace, it can be anticipated that by 2025 it will account for at least 20% of the global connections. However, it will not be the end of 4G as reports estimate that 4G connections will reach their peak and acquire 60% of connections globally by 2023.

Benefits of 4G network

The most noticeable impact of the 4G VoLTE network is that it has increased the number of internet users in India by a remarkable margin. Other than that, 4G network has spiralled –

  • Increased access to more content online.
  • Increased demand for 4G-enabled smartphones like Oppo 4G mobiles with advanced specs.
  • Free local and outstation voice calls.

Besides mobile internet users, this technological advancement has benefited major sectors of the economy. For instance, segments like the – business sector, entertainment sector, industry of financial services, e-commerce, m-commerce, and social sector have been heavily influenced by 4G.

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As for the 4G network, besides changing the entire dynamics of communication and connectivity across the globe, it has influenced the growth of the smartphone industry. As a consumer, you can enhance your experience of 4G-enabled communications by purchasing Oppo phones under 15000, or any such budget as well as a high-end smartphone of your choice.

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