Why should children not play hide and seek?

Today there are studies and conclusions that surprise, this is the case of the topic that we will discuss today, why should Children not play hide and seek?

Have you ever thought that a game as traditional as old was harmful to your children?

Well, it seems that the game is not as good as we might think.

Playing hide and seek is not good, Why?

This game is forbidden for some time in a school in England; It arose as a result of a sentence imposed on a man who has confessed to abusing children under 5 years of age, when he was only 17 years old, taking advantage of the fact that they played hide and seek.

Of course, this can be interpreted and lived in various ways according to the perspective each one has; there are parents who want their children to feel and be free, to experience for themselves and perceive the world as a safe place to live.

On the other hand, there are those parents who can be called as a middle term and who take care of their children by letting them know the dangers that exist, but without this becoming obsessive and castrating; more than anything they are based on common sense and balance.


Within children’s games, this is more than usual and whether children play Hide and Seek in the schoolyard, in a park or in our house, it would be good to warn about certain dangers or situations that could be encountered, Below we will see some points about which it is good to reflect.

Playing hide and seek involves …

  • Encourage that attitudes like hiding and having secrets is correct.
  • The game consists of hiding and not leaving; something that promotes hiding or concealing what should not be found.
  • It is a game that is somehow inculcating children who must do things that are not right; It is contradictory because the game teaches to hide and usually parents say that it is not right to hide anything.
  • Children of different ages play hide and seek, the little ones do not understand or distinguish between hiding to play and what this implies in real life.
  • Although, the prohibition in some schools was derived from abuses carried out during the game and without the intention of being alarmist, on a personal level of children who have suffered touching by other elders taking advantage of the hidden phase of the game.

What do you think about children playing hide and seek? Share your opinion!