Heroes of The Swords of Ditto should save the world in three days

Studio Onebitbeyond and publisher Devolver Digital are preparing to release their role-playing thriller The Swords of Ditto. And now we can know in a little more detail what are the consequences of our successes and failures and how each adventure will become part of the history of the world.

The world of Ditto has always been tormented by some ancient evil called Mormo. From time to time a valorous hero defeats Mormo, and in the world flourishing and prosperity begins. But evil always comes back. And it is at the moment of his next coming that a new hero appears in the procedurally generated world. He needs to get a legendary sword and deal with evil in a series of trials.


Three days later, the cataclysm will collapse on the world, so we must quickly get to the decisive battle. But if you turn off a straight road, you can not only strengthen your own equipment but also weaken Mormo, destroying his accomplices.

If the attempt fails, the next hero will appear only after a hundred years. He will inherit from the fallen ancestor a legendary sword, storing all the experience of his past owner. In addition, he will be able to find a way to recover some of the trophies produced by the previous hero and even resurrect him himself, in order to pass the tests together. At the same time, every new attempt to save the world will open new secrets and game systems. For example, you can delay the end of the world, giving yourself more time to prepare for a decisive battle.

The Swords of Ditto will be released on the PC and PS4 on April 24.