Hasselblad’s new camera takes photos of 400 megapixels

Hasselblad has unveiled its new H6D-400c MS camera, capable of capturing up to 400 megapixels thanks to its multi-display capability. To obtain images with this resolution, the camera combines up to 6 frames of 100 megapixels, combined with the sensor shift principle as in its previous camera.

The result is 23,200×17,400 pixels, which means you can print magnified images up to 2 x 1.5 meters with a typical density of 300 dpi. The photo file is stored in TIFF format and can weigh up to 2.4 GB.

In the multi-capture system, the camera takes six shots between which it moves the lens slightly and very accurately. First, move the distance of one pixel in all four directions to improve color accuracy. Then scroll half a pixel vertically and horizontally to increase the resolution.

The camera can also be used in four-shooting (with a resolution of 100 megapixels) or single-shot multi-shooting mode. Other photographic companies such as Olympus, Pentax or Panasonic use similar multi-capture systems, but complement it with a stabilization system instead of a shift sensor.


For the multi-shot result to be optimal, the photographed object must be still and in a controlled scenario. The resulting TIFF file consists of the six frames and can weigh up to 2.4 GB per image.

To take pictures in multi-shot mode, the camera requires connection to a computer. It has a USB 3.0 type C port and high-speed data transfer. The resulting TIFF file is processed with the Phocus add-in desktop program, which works with both macOS and Windows.

The camera will be on sale in March for €40,000 excluding VAT, with the possibility of renting per day.

The camera is not yet on sale but can be booked. It will be available from March onwards and will cost €40,000 (excluding VAT). The Swedish company will also offer the possibility of renting the camera on a daily basis, for about 400€ per day and with possible discounts of up to 50% on long-term rentals.

Hasselblad assures that with the H6D-400c MS camera they have crossed a “new frontier of image quality and detail” to remain the preferred brand of institutions, organizations, and museums around the world.

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