Activate a Google Chrome tool to increase your security

The Google Chrome browser is currently the most widely used worldwide. This is due to its speed when opening pages and, also, to the use of extensions that add utility. Currently, the Mountain View company works to offer native security with its development, such as not opening new tabs with access to unwanted websites automatically. We tell you how to activate this option in a simple way.

The comment is a common practice of hackers that execute protocols to open new pages with addresses that include malicious codes that, if you are not careful and run the processes that appear, are injected into the computer that is used. And, this is something that you want to avoid using a new tool integrated with Google Chrome. Of course, this is not a final version, so we are talking about an option that is in the trial period and, therefore, must be activated manually Рand, obviously, its effectiveness is still somewhat limited.

By the way, that has been able to cook in the own blog Google Chrome development that will be in its next version when the service we talked about is included in a much more effective way. But, as we indicated, it is now possible to activate it without endangering the operation of the browser and with the option to proceed with its shutdown if desired.

Steps to activate protection in Google Chrome

As it is going to verify, to obtain the indicated thing is something really simple, but it is important not to skip any indication – nor to experiment with some of the other additional sections that will be seen in the screen. The case is that once the tool is activated, a new tab or window in the browser will not open automatically, and a bar will appear in which the destination address is displayed. Therefore, access must be confirmed manually, which increases security. What you have to do is the following:

  1. Open a new window in the Google Chrome browser
  2. Now type the following in the address box: Chrome: // Flags
  3. The web appears with the test and development tools in Google Chrome. To find the right one, press Ctrl + F in combination, and type this: # enable-framebusting-needs-sameorigin-or-usergesture
  4. You will see in the central part the specific section and, use the selected element on the left, you must select Enabled.
  5. Now, you simply have to restart the Google browser and the protection will be added

As we have indicated, this tool for Google Chrome is still in a trial period, so its effectiveness is not complete. Therefore, you should be aware of the web pages through which you navigate to avoid problems. But, the truth is that this is an addition that is appreciated and shows how Mountain View does not stop moving forward with one of its flagship products.