Get these Nintendo Switch Accessories for Smash

– Super Smash Brothers is one of the most anticipated games for the Switch for this year, if not the most anticipated game to come out in 2018.

But with its release comes the same question we get every time a new Smash Brothers is on the way.

Can I use a GameCube controller with it?

– Latest video war, video game wars, heating up tonight.

Nintendo’s GameCube system is about to hit the stores.- [Reporter]

What have you played so far?

– I played Super Smash Brothers.- How is it?

– It was pretty good.(energetic music)

– Now thankfully we already know the answer to this, which is yes, because the Wii U adapter is what they made for the Wii U version of Smash now works on the Switch, which is great!I f you already have one.

But they are very, very hard to track down and very expensive.

So if you don’t have one already it’s a bit of a problem.

But good news, we did find a third party option with this little guy right here.

Now if you’re wondering what exactly this is, this is basically the same thing as the official Wii U GameCube adapter that Nintendo made except it’s well, obviously a third party and looks like a GameCube.

So all it really does is you can plug these two USBs into your Switch doc, plug your GameCube controller right there and you should be able to play with it no problem.

Now if you’re wondering why someone would want to use a controller that came out back in 2001on a modern game well.

– What is it that separates GameCube from its competitors like Sony PlayStation 2?

Many of these video game experts tell me it’s all in the controls.

– It’s cause it’s a really good controller and there’s not really a modern-day equivalent for this because the design logic for the GameCube controller is a bit different from most other controllers we have now.

With most controllers today the logic is usually how do we make the most comfortable controller?

How does it work across a very large number of games?

Whereas Nintendo during the time of the N64 and the GameCube were much more experimental and were focusing more on, well we already know the kind of games we make and we release.

How do we make a controller that fits that specific experience?

Now their first attempt with this back on the N64wasn’t quite as successful and that’s this guy right here.

Now the idea behind the N64 controller was that it gave you multiple ways to handle a controller to fit different kinds of games, whether you want to hold it this way, this way, or this way.

And it had its fans at that the time but it’s not a controller that I think as really aged very well.

I mean you don’t have access to all the buttons depending on how you’re gripping it.

Some of it is just not very comfortable to begin with.

And a lot of it just didn’t end up being used the way Nintendo thought it would.

Like for instance the C buttons here were designed to be camera controls, thus the C, but very few games actually did that with that.

Instead made use of it for an extra button functions.

So it was a cool ideabut didn’t really pan out entirely just right.

But it did serve as a base inspiration forwhat they ended up doing with the GameCube.

Now the GameCube controller kind a took some of the ideas going on with N64 controller, but then also rolled in things from their successful competitors, PlayStation, with their dual shock design which is where you have this more familiar grip going on.

And a lot of this is pretty familiar at first glance.

I mean you’ve got a dual stick setup going on, we got shoulder buttons.

Where things get weird though and confuse a lot of people who haven’t really used one before is what exactly is happening in this area right here.

Now normally we see a lot of controllers where we have just four buttons that are all the same size and they all have their little placement.

But the logic going on that Nintendo had is well most of our games you really just need to use A.

You maybe need to use Band some games will use Y and X in different interesting ways but A comes up the most by far.

So instead of having the same real estate as all the other buttons, let’s put it right in the middle and make it the biggest and then everything else is kind of remembered based on where it is relative to the A button.

And it just so happens that one of their most successful games on the GameCube really helped popularize this as a go-to option because it is perfect for Smash.

I mean the main two things you’re gonna rely on are A button for your main attacks and smash attacks of course, B for specials, which you can just roll right into right here, and then X or Y for jumping.

So it just all comes out really comfortably.

Does it work across every single game that comes out?

No, by no means whatsever! But when a game is designed with this controller in mind, it’s awesome! So awesome in fact that I’m really surprised Nintendo didn’t really hold on to this design longer.

I mean they basically abandoned it right into the Wii where they started doing the classic controller, the Wii U Pro Controller, and now even the Switch Pro Controller, which are much more conventional designs.

And this guy has seen some use since.

I mean they made sure it was supported on Wii’s.

The Wii U had an adapter.

They did do a reissue specifically for Smash Brotherson Wii U which was cool.

But even then it was a limited run kind a thing.

So hopefully they do that again, but if not that’s where the adapter comes in handy.

So let’s try this thing out.

Now from the looks of it I think it should be as simple as using the Wii U GameCube controller adapter, blah, blah, blah.

So let’s try this thing out.

Now looking at it, it should be just as simple as using the Wii U GameCube Controller Adapter.

All ya gotta do is take the two USB’s, plug them into the Switch doc, which I’ve already done, and then just take our GameCube controller and plug it into here and it should just read it as a wired controller.

And it does, awesome! So obviously there is no Smash to play on the Switch just yet, and that’s really kind a the main thing we’re interested in doing.

So I downloaded one of the few Smash clones that’s actually made its way to the Switch, which I’ve never played before.

So this is gonna be an experience.

Let’s find out.Let’s check this out.

Ahh, it’s loading up.

That, oh!The Start button reads as the Home button I guess?

It does, okay, good to know.

Then what reads as Plus?

Cause there’s not as many buttons here as there are on the actual Switch controllers so we’re gonna be missing some.

And I’m really hoping none of those are important.

There are some buttons missing which it seems like for this game is fine and presumably whenever Smash comes out that’s not gonna be an issue either because it should be using hopefully the same control scheme as the past games.

So yeah, this is gonna work when Smash comes out.

That’s really exciting.

It doesn’t have a Plus button though so I don’t think I can pause.

So we figured it out.

I was able to get the game to pause as you can see and that wasn’t using Joy-Cons.

I actually did use the GameCube controller.

So I looked it up on their website and there actually are ways to make use of the buttons that are on a Switch controller that aren’t on the GameCube controller.

It’s just not exactly the most intuitive thing and you’d think it would be in the direction manual for this adapter, it’s not.

Found this out by going to the website and reading up on the product and finding some additional very useful info there.

So to make up for the lack of buttons what this does is it has the GameCube’s Z button basically act as hotkey for using all the missing buttons.

So if you wanted to use the L, it’s not Z,it’s Z and L at the same time.

If you wanted to do the Plus button, it’s not, well non existent Plus button here, it’s doing Z and the right D pad at the same time.

So not the most intuitive thing right out of the box, but if you take the time to actually look at the instructions it makes it much more usable.

So this is cool all you guys, and I know the whole point is to showcase this controller but this is just making me want to play actual Smash.