GAB, the social network of the extreme right gets millionaire financing

GAB, the social network created by and for right-wingers under the umbrella of freedom of expression, has obtained $ 5 million of funding to expand and create a “protocol capable of avoiding censorship” thought “for people who believe in the freedom of expression, individual freedom and the free flow of information online “, according to its founder Andrew Torba.

This ambitious plan, known under the nickname of “Exodus” plans to “compete with existing platforms such as YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, and others.” The funding comes from more than 1,300 small investors and according to its creators plan to get up to 10 million dollars in total. Currently, the platform is financed with contributions from its members under a payment program called “Gab Pro” that for 6 dollars a month allows them to access internal improvements.

They claim to have reached 400,000 registered users, 100,000 more than two months ago

In the letter published to potential investors on the crowdfunding site, Gab executives do not give specific technical details about the final implementation. They mention the distributed blockchain systems and the IPFS system that allows creating a platform to distribute the content among the members of a platform to decentralize access control. They plan the new open source protocol, something they are surely obligated to do because they will surely use existing technologies with licenses that require it.

The name “Exodus” is not casual. Gab builds on the idea that its members have been persecuted and expelled for their ideas from the primary social platforms of the Internet. Its founders and many of the first users in their time as a private social network had been members of the self-described Anglo-Saxon “alt-right” whose Twitter accounts had been closed for infringing on their terms of service. Apple has rejected its official application for “hate content”, and Google expelled them from their store for Android applications a few months later claiming the same reasons. The founders decided to sue Google for abuse of a dominant position, a complaint they withdrew just three weeks later.


Although its founder has denied on numerous occasions that it is a “conservative site”, the social network is composed of two prominent parts, one called GabTV that allows users to broadcast live video to other members of the network society in a way similar to YouTube Live or Twitter’s Periscope. The second is a collection of online content from conservative web media such as Fox News or Daily Caller, as well as anti-establishment conspiracy sites such as The racist comments are prominent on the site catapulted by the positive votes of the users.

But are Jews going to continue to exist?


In response to a link about a news item from a Missouri state congress recently won by the Democrats, the most voted comments speak of election fraud by the Democratic Party. “Very suspicious,” they say with the pseudonym, Annie Partridge. “Little by little the white states turn into browns,” says one user under the pseudonym “Slavic Nationalist.”

Messages such as “Progresistas, a cancer for the world”, “Deporta a frijolero hoy” (beaner, a disqualification used in the United States to refer to Mexicans), images in which politicians are called to hang or false photo montages on Hillary Clinton and George Soros (the Hungarian millionaire accused of “financing progressive propaganda”) are the appetizer entry on the cover of Gab.


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