Fishing Star World Tour is available on Nintendo Switch store

Nintendo has released Fishing Star World Tour today.

This is a kind of action game.

what you have to do in this game?

A new fishing experience. Catch a big one!
Over 180 kinds of fish! More than 70 types of fishing gear! 40 fishing locations! Explore various locations and see a lot of fish!

Catch a big one by changing your equipment to match the fish and setting! Fish that are caught are recorded in the “Fish Book”. Become an angling master!

Choose a play-style that suits you! Move the Joy-Con to reel in fish like a real angler or simply use the stick on the Joy-Con to catch fish!


Play a trolling mini-game using the Toy-Con Fishing Rod! Aim for big fish while aboard a speeding vessel!

watch the trailer

Source: Nintendo