Firefox Quantum, the new browser of Mozilla has been released

Firefox Quantum is now available, the new version of the Mozilla browser, which promises to be faster and lighter than Google Chrome.

Today Firefox has released its new browser Firefox Quantum. it is being claimed by the company that the new version of FireFox is doubled in speed as compared to the Previous.

Firefox Quantum brings important improvements to every level, including the design, now more functional and with the possibility of accessing the Personalization tab to modify everything you want.

But the most important changes have to do with its power and memory usage. According to Mozilla, developer of Firefox, version 57 of your browser is twice as fast as the current and consumes 30% less memory than Chrome, which transfers into greater speed when performing other tasks on the computer.

In addition to the new engine, Firefox gets more speed by improving the treatment of each tab that opens the user. Follow the path of Chrome by treating each one as a separate process, but divide the management into four major processes, less than those employed by the Chrome browser.

The other feature that makes Firefox Quantum faster has to do with Mozilla privacy technology: the browser will not provide user activity data to websites, which transfers to 67.5% fewer cookies.

Firefox Quantum
Pic Courtesy Mozilla FireFox

This feature brings two additional benefits: navigation will be 44% faster since fewer files are loaded and 39% fewer data will be consumed when browsing as the number of scripts and cookies are reduced.

FireFox Quantum project has been completed by about 700 authors and it took almost a year.

Design and productivity

Firefox Quantum
Pic Courtesy Mozilla FireFox

Aesthetics is another aspect where Firefox Quantum stands out. The design is much more careful, the menus are more organized and even the button to refresh a page got a more logical position: next to the controls to move forward and backward, as in Chrome. Currently, it is located on the other side, at the end of the address bar, making its use uncomfortable.

The other notorious aesthetic change has to do with the disappearance of the search bar, which is now done from the address bar.

Firefox Quantum will bring Pocket integrated, which will make it easier to save pages to visit later. The access will be right next to the star to mark Favorites.

Firefox Quantum
Courtesy Mozilla Firefox

The extensions will now have the name of WebExtensions and will be more efficient. We will have to wait to see all the add-ons in action, since adapting each one to the new browser may take a few weeks.

How to download FireFox Quantum


You can download Quantum easily by clicking here


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