Facebook wants you to know what it uses your data for
Facebook ensures that it does not sell information to anyone

Facebook ensures that it does not sell information to anyone

Facebook tries to turn the page after the Cambridge Analytica scandal and that’s why in the last few days it has driven some changes in data management. The most recent, announced yesterday, is the update of its conditions of use and data policy to make them easier to understand.

This update adds to the changes made a week ago on the configuration page to make it easier to find all the information that the company collects about its users.

In a statement posted on its news page, the Mark Zuckerberg company says that for them “it is important to show white on black how their products work” so that users ” can make informed decisions about their privacy .”

That is, they have redrafted the terms and conditions to explain more clearly and better detail what data they collect and how they use them on Facebook, Instagram, Messenger and other products. The conditions of use and data policy had not been updated for more than three years.


The update includes more information about new features and recently added tools, such as the Marketplace, the option to raise funds for causes or share live and 360 videos. It also explains better how the data is used to offer a personalized experience in messages, announcements, and friendships and suggested pages.

Facebook ensures that it does not sell information to anyone

Facebook also ensures that “we will never sell your information to anyone ” and impose “strict restrictions on how our partners can use and disclose the data.” They also offer information about advertising, about the information they share with Messenger, WhatsApp, and Oculus, which are part of the same company.

The update of conditions does not mean that Facebook will request new permissions to collect and use the data and will not change any of the privacy options configured in the past. Only these conditions have been written in a clearer and clearer way. Now users will have seven days to comment on these changes before Facebook asks for their acceptance to all users.

With the new conditions and privacy policy Facebook wants to put an end to some accusations and conspiracy theories, such as those that ensure that Facebook spies on us through the microphone or the camera.

They also want to clarify the issue of the collection of SMS and calls that came to light with the Cambridge Analytics scandal.

Updating these data policies could also respond to the company’s willingness to defend itself against its alleged negligence in the management of personal data and demonstrate that it has the issue under control, now that Mark Zuckerberg is called to testify in the chamber of Commerce of the United States Congress.


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