Question: Does Facebook spy on users? Some answers yes

Does Facebook spy on users?

is it true that Facebook spy on Users??

What do the people think about this typical question?

Most of the people have answered this question!!!

Many users believe that Facebook is watching them and watching their conversations and that there is no privacy for users and it is easy for Facebook to access anything they have contrary to what is in the privacy settings and some have a guide.

A person called Bipul Lama made a two-day test of what he was talking about during the two days, Kit-Kats, and if he sees on Facebook the next day that all the Facebook ads on the Kit-Kats are not only that.

He also had audio conversations in which he mentioned the musician Lysol, 23 years old and also the next day sees a lot of suggestions from Facebook about what this musician offers, which he confirmed that Facebook is watching him and spying on him.


The 25-year-old Olivia Reardon says she was talking to her friend about glasses and if she saw too many ads on glasses on Facebook.

Also, a couple were talking about children and were looking for something special about this and if they saw a lot of publications about children on Facebook.

Brandie Nonnecke, director of research and development at the University of California’s IT Research Centers, said: “Facebook spies on users but not for malicious reasons, but to deliver content that benefits users.


Another Example of this guy

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