Facebook adds a platform to find work

If you left using Facebook because Facebook disabled Your Account. You should get back your Facebook Account because Facebook is going to launch this new feature, With the help of this feature, you’ll be able to find jobs.

Facebook wants to control all social networks and the services they can offer. That is why Mark Zuckerberg’s company is about to launch a new feature for Facebook to become a platform for interaction between companies and job seekers, according to the company’s own blog.

This feature has been implemented for a year now on the Facebook page of the United States and Canada and now the network expands it to 40 other countries, including Spain. This page will publish announcements of job offers and will be available both in the mobile application and on the website.

This new tool offers companies a platform to present their offers with all the details about the conditions. It also allows you to manage the requests and organize interviews with the candidates, who you will connect directly with the person in charge of the company through Messenger.


Users who are looking for a job can activate a notification system that notifies them each time new offers are published. This function allows you to apply filters so that only the ads that suit the user arrived. It also has tools to create a resume from the personal information stored in the network.

The new feature is free but companies can pay to sponsor their ads

This function will be completely free, but companies will be able to sponsor their job offers so that they appear on the users’ wall and in the marketplace of the network. The goal of Facebook is to facilitate the meeting between companies and nearby people.

Many already use the current version of Facebook to find employment or candidates. “This behavior was already happening, and we just try to make it easier, ” justifies the creation of the platform by a Facebook responsible for Forbes magazine.

Facebook hopes that this platform will also serve to provide job seekers with “more tools to control how they are displayed” in front of companies, which have long been looking for candidates on the network.

With this expansion, Mark Zuckerberg’s company wants to stand up to specialized social networks such as Glassdoor, Monster or LinkedIn, the largest platform for professionals on the Internet. The more than 2 billion Facebook users could dethrone the Microsoft-owned network.