Enemies in Destiny 2 will be several times stronger

The company Bungie told about what changes are waiting for players in the supplement Warmind for Destiny 2. One of the most important aspects was the strengthening of the enemies, which will greatly spoil the life of low-level characters.

Characters, whose level is much less than the level of the enemy, will not cause any damage to the enemy. The firstDestiny such a system should be familiar. The damage will be reduced if the difference between levels is more than 50.


Also, Bungie will change the system of shields. Weapons will still deal a minimum 200% damage to energy shields, but if their elements coincide with the elements of the weapon, the damage will be dealt with threefold. And after that, the shield will explode. Such changes make it possible to quickly destroy powerful enemies, but with a break of 50 levels, the bonus will disappear.

Together with the changes in the operation of the shields, the Match Game mode will return to the game. In this mode, if the elements of the weapon and the elements of the enemy’s shield do not coincide, only 10% of the damage will be dealt with the enemy.

The release of Warmind is scheduled for May 8. You can learn more about it on our website.