Elon Musk’s reply on a mother’s question “What should my kids study?”

As we notice that Elon Musk Expresses himself as an Engineer more than an Entrepreneur.

Elon Musk loved to read books and learned from those books.

It is often asked, what kind of books Elon Musk used to read?

It is easiest to Answer, He is an Engineer it means he used to read Rocket Science, Physics Engineering related Books and motivational books.

Why do people like to ask the question of Elon Musk?


He is a successful Engineer that’s why people like to ask him Questions.

The same thing happened in an interview when a mother asked him a question related to Education.

She asked him about her children’s Education that what should her children study?

Elon Replied “they should study physics, bioscience”.

We know better about him he arrived in North America at 17 w $2000.

He focused on his studies and got what he wanted.

He wants to build a colony on Mars and we know he does what he says.

What do you think will he succeed in building a colony on Mars?


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