The strange episode that has led Elon Musk to delete his Instagram account
The strange episode that has led Elon Musk to delete his Instagram account

The strange episode that has led Elon Musk to delete his Instagram account

Elon Musk has closed his Instagram account, with more than 8 million followers in the middle of a strange episode that also has the singer Grimes and the rapper Azealia Banks as protagonists.

In response to a question asked by a follower on Twitter, Musk has given a rather cryptic explanation. And it is limited to answer that “Instagram is so thirsty, you die for water,” in what seems like a quote to a poem by TS Elliot entitled precisely Death by water.

In another tweet, he simply adds that Instagram “I did not like it”.

Musk’s response does not bring much light to the strange episode that has taken place in recent days and that has allegedly led him to cut with his girlfriend, the singer Grimes, and finally also to close his Instagram account.

The facts go back to mid-August when, apparently, rapper Azealia Banks was at the house of the founder of Tesla. There he witnessed how Musk was trying to find investors, when a few days before he had tweeted in his profile that he had “secured funds” to withdraw Tesla’s stock exchange company.

Banks also saw his partner, singer Grimes, in a position to comfort him. A few days later, Musk and Grimes stopped following each other on Instagram, and Musk stopped following the singer on Twitter, prompting rumors that their relationship might be over. [wp_ad_camp_3]

Earlier this week, Azealia Banks started posting cryptic messages about Elon Musk on his Instagram account. The rapper labeled Musk in his Instagram story, writing “I need to contact you as soon as possible,” followed by “I need my phone now.”

In another Instagram story, which has been deleted, the rapper claimed that Musk’s lawyer paid his lawyer to remove his phone and remove the evidence.

A spokesperson for Elon Musk told Bussiness Insider that “Elon does not know Azealia Banks. Neither he nor his lawyers have his phone. ”

The rapper, on the other hand, has publicly lamented assuring that only “I want my phone and I want to go home. This has nothing to do with me. ”

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