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Elon Musk deleted his Tesla and SpaceX pages From Facebook

If you are a user of Social media site Facebook and like to be connected with Tesla and SpaceX Companies. You should be aware of this news.

The pages of Tesla and SpaceX have been deleted from Facebook. Now, the question should be on your mind that who deleted these pages?

The Answer is Elon Musk.


A few days ago, the #deleteFacebook was trending on Twitter because of data firm Cambridge Analytica was accused of acquiring the personal Data of about 50M users.

Elon, Musk said to stop advertisement on Social media site Facebook for a week. After tweeting He was challenged by his followers to delete his own pages. After a few minutes, the Pages of Tesla and SpaceX companies disappeared from Facebook.

According to Elon Musk, he did not know that the SpaceX brands page was created on Facebook.

He wrote “Literally never seen it even once” on Twitter.

Facebook users who liked the pages know that the page had more than 2.5M likes.


Reference: http://www.bbc.com/news/technology-43514648

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