Dragon Ball FighterZ update is now available, complete patch notes

The title of Dragon Ball fights has just received a new update that saves substantial improvements.

Fans have already been asking for balance in certain game plots for a while and Bandai Namco has responded with this new version.

Then, we leave you with the patch notes:

It reduces the amount of health that is recovered by attacking an enemy. (Excluding invincible movements)

The amount of Ki obtained by taking damage from Super Attacks and Meteoric Strikes has been decreased and the amount of Ki is increased when you receive damage from other attacks.

For a short period of time after using the Ki Load, the total amount of Ki that is achieved is now reduced.

When the condition for a camera change is met, the effect of the camera will occur regardless of the height of the character’s position.

Help Z and Change Z Definitive will now be unusable during invincible special moves, apart from when it hits.

It reduces the amount of life that is recovered by receiving damage from special movements. (Excluding invincible movements)

The amount of damage inflicted is reduced when a movement other than the Definitive Z Load is connected after a Super Attack arrives.

It is now easier to successfully connect Ultimate Z Load after a Super Attack. – Increase the minimum damage of all meteoric hits.

The Sparkling can now be used while blocking. (Includes air lock
While Sparkling is active, the amount of recoverable health of the opponent is reduced when damage is inflicted. (Excluding invincible movements)

Changing the camera is easier when it is canceled from an attack.

The user will be invincible to an opponent’s Sparkling when activating a Z-Reflect.

Specific launch movements and Dragon Rush can not be connected more than once in a combo.

Decreased the amount of calibrated Ki and the damage caused in Dragon Rush. 
After a Dragon Rush during the combo, the camera change will not occur for the following hits.

The opponent will slide to the ground after a Dragon Rush in the air during a combo.

The invincible state will now last until it comes into contact or is close to the opponent. 
Increase recovery and landing frames when locked.


Increase the health of the revived ally.


Increase in the rate of recovery of health.

The collision of the opponent in the air is reduced.


The disappearance movement will activate the dramatic completion

Disappearing movement will also activate the dramatic finish.

Source: Nintenderos

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