The discovery of a new monster in the game “Bloodborne” has not been seen before ..

More than two years to launch the game of Bloodborne, but many players still enjoy this game and explore more in the world, which began to appear more monsters that were hidden from many of us and we never met until after we finished the game.

Today, Sanadsk has brought us a new video showing us the face of one of the new monsters that never appeared in the game called Great One Beast and you can see it in the video below.


The new monster was found in a place similar to the palace or temple as seen in the video but it seems that the development of the place was not completed, especially with the appearance of that white gap in the middle of the battlefield and also through the movement of the weak monster in the attack minus.

In any case, we leave you with the video and we expect there will be more new monsters that may be discovered in the future Do you find that the color to return to the game again and participate in these new explorations ?!