The difference between deleting and disabling Facebook account and how to delete it forever

There is a big difference between deleting the Facebook account and disabling the account and this is not known to many users, deleting the account means not being able to return to it again, but disable the account means closing it temporarily and refer to it again whenever you like.

Some people also think that once the account has been disabled, all the data is deleted from the site, but not where a copy of the data is kept if the user wants to go back to it, but did you know how to cancel the account and not be able to go back to it?

After thinking deeply and making the decision to delete your account forever click on this link to open a page on Facebook showing a message asking again Do you want to delete your account forever and once click on “delete account” is deleted and the inability to refer to it again?

To delete your Facebook account click here.

But before you delete your account, you can take a copy of your activities on Facebook by going to Settings and clicking Download a copy to save your information before you delete the account.