Cristiano Ronaldo sent a T-shirt for a charity event to Chelyabinsk

Chelyabinsk players will be able to win a T-shirt with the autograph of football player Cristiano Ronaldo during the charity event “Champions for Kind Hearts”, the organizers say.

“To take part in the action, you need to come to any match of the football team” Chelyabinsk “and get a ticket from the volunteer with a unique numeric code. Matches will be held on April 21, and also on May 4, 16 and 27 at the stadium “Central”. Also, tickets can be obtained during working hours at the addresses of Sverdlovskiy Prospekt, 8; Bevel, 42; Chicherina, 21; Bogdan Khmelnitsky, Krasnaya, 40. The winner will be determined at the final match of the home game series FC “Chelyabinsk” on May 27 “, – said the president of the charitable foundation” Native “Natalia Baskova.


Funds collected during the campaign will be directed to support seriously ill children, Trusts of the Rodnaya Foundation. First of all, the fund is preparing to pay for the treatment of two-year-old Ivan Kazadaev from Korkino, the boy has autism.

The transfer of the T-shirt with the autograph of the famous football player was agreed by the partners of the fund, who corresponded with the club “Real Madrid”. Cristiano Ronaldo himself has also known for his participation in charitable events: 600 thousand euros, relying on him for winning the Champions League-2016, transferred to the UN charitable foundation.