Simple ways to get rid of your Cell phone addiction

Playing games, using Facebook on Smartphone make the people addicted to Smartphone. So here I am going to tell you simple ways to get rid of Cell phone Addiction.

Researchers at the Seoul National University Medical School have reported that smartphone addiction or cell phone addiction, a tool that uses SNS, is related to mental health. The researchers found that they were “smartphone addicts” who used the smartphone more than twice as much as the general public in the case of stress, depression, and anxiety.

What is the Smartphone Addiction/Cell phone Addiction?

Smartphone addiction/Cell phone addiction

Smartphone addiction or cell phone addiction is a state of dependence that can not be controlled by itself because it is immersed in the Smartphone. According to SAPS (Smartphone Addiction or Cell phone addiction Scale) survey conducted by the Korea Information Society Agency last year, 30.6% of adolescents and 16.1% of adults were addicted to smartphones. The researchers surveyed 608 college students in 2016 to investigate the excessive use of smartphones, depression, anxiety, suicidal thoughts, and subjective health perceptions. Four factors (diabetes, virtual world orientation, Tolerance) and the relationship between subjective anxiety and subjective health. In the meantime, when using the smartphone excessively, psychological symptoms such as stress may affect the brain function, which may hinder self-control and impulse control.

Cell phone Addiction Effects effects on Teens

The teens blow their thumbs on the screens of their Smartphones or Cell phones increasingly often. But what effect does this unprecedented behavior have on teens?

A team of researchers from the NGO Common Sense Media had wanted to deepen this issue. To do this, they conducted a questionnaire to 1,240 parents and adolescents between the ages of 12 and 18 to follow up on the consequences of this massive use of mobile devices in their lives and in their relationships with others.

The data revealed that half of the adolescents said they felt addicted to the mobile phone and 60% of the parents felt the same. In spite of whether the parents thought if their children were mobile addicts or not, 66% considered that they spent too much time with the smartphone; in the case of adolescents, 52% saw it that way too.

In addition, 77% of parents agreed that their children were continually distracted – at least three times a week – due to the use of mobile phones.

Almost 80% of teenagers admitted that they reviewed or checked their notifications on the mobile phone at least every hour and 72% confirmed that they felt the need to respond to messages received on social networks almost immediately after receiving them.

What are The negative effects of mobile addiction/Cell phone addiction?

Smartphone addiction/Cell phone addiction

Loss of concentration in studies or in the workplace.

– The increased danger in situations such as driving and even as pedestrians, if you are paying attention to our mobile.

– Loss of interest in face-to-face social relationships.

– Emotional instability by always being aware of who writes or calls us.

– Spending long hours in front of the mobile phone supposes the loss of the notion of time and obsession with it.

How did I get rid of my Cell phone Addiction

From the cognitive behavioral therapy, the first step is to make an exhaustive evaluation on the use of the mobile phone by the person, which situations are those that generate the most discomfort and every aspect that is considered relevant due to the exaggerated use of it.

After the evaluation and establishment of an action plan, techniques and tools will be provided that help the person in the control of the impulse of the use of the mobile, as well as to handle the discomfort produced by limiting it.

When the problem and all the affected variables are clearly defined, an action plan will be proposed.

Unlike other addiction disorders where the objective is to seek total abstinence from the substance to which the patient is hooked, in the case of the mobile the therapeutic objective will be its controlled use.

As we have already indicated in previous lines, it is very complicated in our society to live without the mobile phone because we understand that many of its benefits are necessary. Therefore, the search will not be directed to dispense with it, but to its correct use.

Smartphone addiction solution

Smartphone addiction/Cell phone addiction

Disconnect the led

It is the green or red light that alerts you to new emails or recent updates. It is better to turn it off than to hide and look down every minute, especially during a meeting. Our interlocutors perceive our anxiety and that is not recommendable.

Configure your updates

It is very easy to adapt to look at your phone if you choose to receive messages every 8 hours, for example. Otherwise, you will resort to review even if you do not have any update.

Sleep without your Smartphone

It is advisable to turn off your phone one hour before going to sleep so that you do not go to bed thinking about the pending you should solve. You must take advantage of your rest periods to pay enough for the next day.

Free time and weekends

These moments are exclusively yours and your family’s. This device can make no boundaries between your work life and your family environment. If you have reached the point of sitting at the table and constantly check your phone, even when you are in the company of your family, then suffer a “Smartphone addiction/Cell phone addiction” that undoubtedly reduces your quality of life and your way of relating to others considerably.

Do not generate anxiety

The fact that you suffer from this digital addiction does not mean that others suffer from it. Your response needs are not the same for the rest of your colleagues or your subordinates.

Do not isolate yourself If in a social moment, you are cornered checking your updates, you are in a serious problem. This can bring catastrophic consequences if you put your “need” to be aware of the work, your “obligation” to share time with your family.

Not all professions need a smartphone, do the exercise of reviewing their pros and cons. Do not get hooked thinking that you are really connected to the universe when it happens that every minute you are further away from your world.

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