BMW Z8 owned by Apple’s Steve Jobs Estimated to fetch up to $400k

BMW Z8 owned by Apple’s Steve Jobs Estimated to fetch up to $400k

BMW Z8 will be Exhibited At the auction Sotheby’s in New York, which belonged to the head of Apple. It is assumed that the starting price of the car will be 400 000 dollars.

Steve Jobs attracted the design of German cars. He also had several BMW motorcycles and Mercedes-Benz SLS. It is rumored that the head of Oracle Larry Ellison pushed the purchase of the BMW Z8 in 2010. He noted that this was not just a high-quality sports car, but also what corresponds to the ideals of Apple and the mentality of Jobs himself.

Steve jobs owned the car for three years, then he sold it to a buyer from Los Angeles. In total, the machine was in use for 11 years. It has an unbelievably small mileage of only 24 kilometers. The car was regularly serviced.

An interesting accessory of the Z8 is the branded BMW cell phone Motorola, which Steve Jobs hated. However, soon Apple and Motorola became partners, and together they started to release phones with support for iTunes.

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In June 2004, Apple in cooperation with BMW introduced the first integrated solution from the iPod player and car audio system – the BMW iPod Adapter.