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Bing focuses on desktop search after losing the deal with Apple for Google

Bing focuses on desktop search after losing the deal with Apple for Google

Apple earlier this week decided to rely on Google in the service of personal assistant Siri, while Google’s default search engine in Safari on the iPhone and iPad and Mac, retains the default visual search for Microsoft’s Bing.

The blow is painful for the US company Microsoft, which lost the personal assistant Siri, and is expected to retreat searches on the search engine in the mobile phone in general.

Commenting on the deal, Microsoft chief executive said that Bing’s engine is fast growing and achieving continuous success and that his company will re-focus on desktop research.

This comment explains the direction that the US company will take for E-search, knowing that Bing’s search engine controls only 1% of mobile searches.

Windows 10 has a lot of Bing’s share of Cortana’s adoption and its immediate results are also seen on Windows Search, a feature that was later cited by many of Apple’s top competitors.

Google says the search from mobile desktop search exceeded 51 percent compared to 49 percent, and in some countries, mobile search and desktop search are equal to 50 percent.


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