Benefits of Managed Router Services

A fully outsourced solution designed to efficiently manage all routers associated with your network.

Extnoc Managed Router Service is a fully outsourced solution designed to efficiently manage all the routers associated with your network. Our managed service allows you to get the most out of your network by improving performance and availability, keeping costs to a minimum. We will install, configure, test and manage all the necessary routers. With BCN, you will also benefit from the latest products and our proven world-class service and support organization. With our managed router service, you will enjoy superior performance with little or no upfront cost and avoid the headaches of daily router monitoring and maintenance.

About the Managed Router Service –

This service provides great support to any organization in need of additional support and knowledge to support the Network. Although the service is available to all organizations connected, it is ideally suited for FE.

What the Service Includes

  • Standard Router Provision
  • Information Management System
  • The router supports bandwidth up to ten Gbit / s
  • Computer management, including software updates, bug fixes, and data protection
  • Updates to the promotion are limited (limited to five changes per year). Routers are already connected to a standard version of access control and security filters and do not need to be changed frequently.
  • Confirmatory data is included with the Janet release report
  • Post it on your site and scroll it during the service
  • Ability to enable or disable service without penalty if your requirements change.


Benefits of BCN Managed Router Solutions –

Ooredoo has made significant investments in extensive network resources, experience, and automated systems administration tools so that customers do not have to invest in the administration system and tool. With a managed router service, Ooredoo maintains the router infrastructure to ensure that a customer’s WAN is fully reliable and available.


With Ooredoo, which constantly monitors the router’s performance and issues of regular status reports, you can be sure that your company will always be connected. Ooredoo will monitor all routers remotely 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and ensure that they work as they should all the time. If there is a problem, Ooredoo will solve it quickly. If a particular problem persists in a router, Ooredoo will send a field engineer to replace it.


Contracting with Ooredoo for managed router services also offers flexibility. Ooredoo can manage a client’s existing router infrastructure and can also provide, manage and maintain new router equipment installed by the client at the client’s premises. Whatever the option, Ooredoo offers all the professional support you need using the latest generation tools to monitor, manage and report remotely on your routers and networks.


The advantages of managed router services are:


Improved Operational Efficiency: A router contract managed with Ooredoo provides all the necessary services to lighten the administrative burden of the routers so that a client’s internal IT resources can be released for more important tasks, thereby increasing productivity.


Single Point of Contact Throughout the WAN: The use of Ooredoo managed router services means that customers have a single point of contact for end-to-end management of their wide area network, improving efficiency and facilitating service by taking advantage of Ooredoo Skills.


Lower Investments and Lower Fixed Operating Costs: With router services managed by Ooredoo, you no longer need to invest in backup and backup routers, maintenance and software licenses. Thanks to Ooredoo’s economies of scale, investments in capital expenditures can be replaced by a constant operating cost in the form of a fixed monthly rate.

  • Improved performance at lower cost
  • Avoid daily headaches by keeping the rays
  • Latest products
  • Services include organization, organization, and maintenance instead of people.
  • Validated disclaimer
  • Ability to update programs in a limited way
  • Network and phone savings
  • Extremely reliable and well-executed examples
  • Don’t worry about mechanical devices.
  • Special plan: pay only for necessary services
  • External solutions focus on your business.
  • Access to world-class service and a two-way support system.